July 5th, 2019

For this final project, we created a game application called “Detention Room”. The set of the game takes a detention room, where there are 2 grounded Elementary Students being held in the detention room. They are incredibly bored in the detention room so they decided to throw papers to each other in order to cure their boredom.


July 5th, 2019



Team Members :

  1. Fernandha Dzaky Saputra – 2201802922
  2. Fauzan Athallah Arief – 2201798726


Screen Shots of Gameplay :




How To Play :

This game is a multiplayer game, so in order to play this game, 2 people are needed. When a player throws a paper and it hits another player, the thrower’s enemy health will reduce based on what kind of objects they are using. Players can choose whether they want to throw paper, chair or shoes. Each weapon can only be used once so once the player used the weapon, they cannot use it anymore. Once the health bar of one player is reduced to 0, the player will lose the game.


Available Player Controls :

  • Mouse for aiming
  • Space Bar for the 1st player power bar
  • Return Key for the 2nd player power bar
  • Mouse for weapon options

Contributions to the Project

My contribution to the final project that we created with Construct 2 is mainly the asset of the game. From image, background, until the Animation was created by myself using Adobe Photoshop. Some features such as power bar and health bar were also created by me.


Items we created by our self

  • Both 1st and 2nd player Sprites along with the animation


The items we did not create by our self

  • Background image


  • Obstacles


  • Weapons