December 3rd, 2019

Final Project Proposal

Fuse 2020 Music Event Database

Group         :
Fernandha Dzaky Saputra – 2201802922
Muhammad Fariz Sutedy – 2201811561
Yohanes Nugie Haryo – 2201840100

Semester   : 3

Class          : L3BC


In 2020, there will be a music event held by Binusian called Fuse Experience. Fuse is a music and art event that offers not just Local but also International Artists such as Rini, Sales and many more. The event will be held in Kuningan City , which can held more than 8000 ( eight-thousand ) people or crowd.

With that many audience, we can safely say that a proper database management is a must, in order to have a clean and safe storage of Customer’s Information. Fuse Experience does not only offer artists around the world, but also art , food and beverages, and many more.

For this final project we will solve this semi-complex problem for this Event using MySQL, not just the customer / audience’s database, art & food beverages database for Fuse will also be included in our Project. We will also create a simple event ticketing simulation web page, where the customer can buy a ticket, and the admin can see the detail reports of those buyers using our database.


The user who will be using and administer our database is the Finance and Sponsor Division from Fuse. We think that those data are important for them in order to secure a deal or sponsorship for the upcoming event. With well and clean build database, Sponsor can see clearly how big is the prospect of the event.